NZB-TV 2 (2.17)
A program that automates your dowloads for the following types of Newzbin2 reports:
  • TV episodes
  • Films
  • Disc's for entire TV seasons
  • Anime episodes

NZB-TV automatically gets NZB files that match the search criteria you specified! Previously downloaded posts are remembered, so duplicates will not be downloaded. It is possible to select and filter on keywords, sizes and newzbin attributes.

Just specify what you want to see and NZB-TV will find it for you! NZB-TV will monitor the reports at newzbin2 and when something is found matching your criteria it will get the NZB file or tell Sabnzbd to get that NZB file from newzbin2.

Search attributes
Using the newzbin2 attributes you can be very selective about what type of video you want, just like searching on the newzbin2 website. This means when you only want episodes for a show title that are '720p, english language and bigger than 800mb' you can simply specify these criteria in NZB-TVs's add-title wizard.

TVRage support for TV Episodes
When a title is added with TVRage support NZB-TV will get all the seasona nd episode data from TVRage. All episode will have titles and when new seasons air they will be automatically added.

IMDB Support for Films
You can search on IMDB links, these are often part of a newzbin2 report, and when entering the IMDB link as a search text in the wizard the title of the film will automatically be retrieved from IMDB.

TOR support for blocked countries.
If your ISP was forced to block Newzbin2.es you can now use NZB-TV and TOR to get there anyway. This will access newzbin2 on their TOR URL. Their TOR address is currently http://sc3njt2i2j4fvqa3.onion/
The Vidalia bundle should be installed from the TOR website at:

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 - Installing
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Direct download links: as .zip , as .rar or as .exe

See Readme.txt for release history.

IRC - Internet Relay Chat
We can be reached on freenode.net
 - #nzbtv

Buy an NZB-TV 2 license
You can register NZB-TV 2 now for € 15.00.
The unlicensed NZB-TV 2 is limited to 5 titles.
Everyone that has donated to NZB-TV 1 in the past is eligable for a free license

Buy an NZB-TV 2 license

Main screen
NZB-TV 2 Main screen.
The main screen The main screen with episode popup menu The main screen with title popup menu. The main screen with title menu and processing submenu Indivisually processing of multiple selected items.

Add title wizard
Adding titles with NZB-TV is made easy with the wizard.
Selection of the type of download Setting attributes for the search Setting keyword filters

Preferences screens
There are several preferences you can set. To use NZB-TV in the most basic setup you only need to enter 3 values though. Username, password and a folder where to save the NZB's to.
Newzbin2 settings. How to get NZB's settings. How to get NZB's settings. Scheduling.
Folders. Application settings. Application settings. Application settings.

TVRage lookup
You can search for shows on TV rage and use the data they provide as a basis to do your searches. Shows added with TVRage will automaticallypick up new seasons.
Looking for titles at TVRage Looking for titles at TVRage

Film/Movie lookup
You can select a film from the large titles list and use it as your search.
Looking up film titles Download latest data

Usenet account
You need access to a good usenet server. These are generally paid services but some ISP's offer a decent one. Pretty rare though. You can get a decent account for under 10$ a month and when you shop around some people get down to as low as 6$ a month.

Newzbin2 account
NZB-TV gets its NZB files from the usenet indexing site Newzbin. To use the Newzbin indexing site you need to have an account. It is not possible to use NZB-TV with other usenet indexing sites.

Usenet binary download client
To download from usenet you need a client. We recommend Sabnzbd. NZB-TV can interface directly with sabnzbd's API but NZB-TV can also be used with other usenet clients that support NZB files.

Microsoft .NET framework 4.0
NZB-TV requires the Microsoft .NET framework 4.0 to be installed.
You can download a webinstaller at Microsoft or use windows update to install it.


Always backup the nzb-tv folder before upgrading to a newer version.
Better safe than sorry.

Version 1.x to Version 2.x
You can install NZB-TV 2 over the old NZB-TV 1. All titles will be imported and converted to the new titles.xml format. During the conversion a backup will be made of your old titles.xml.

If you installed NZB-TV in another folder than your existing NZB-TV install and want to add the old titles.xml you must do so before adding any titles manually to NZB-TV 2. It is not possible to merge two different titles.xml. To import close NZB-TV and then copy the titles.xml from the NZB-TV 1.x folder to the new NZB-TV 2.x folder. The next time you start NZB-TV 2 it will do the import.

Release version: NZB-TV 2.17
Download NZB-TV 2.17   Download setup: as .zip , as .rar or as .exe
NZB-TV requires you to:
- have a usenet provider
- have an account at newzbin2.

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Contact us, we will solve it.